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Photo Albums 21st Keys Jewellery Boxes Timepieces Cheese Boards Chopping Boards 
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 Serving Boards  Tray Office  Photo Frames Key Holders Weather & Tide
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Originally Heritage Giftware consisted solely of Rimu but due to the limited resources available in this material we have now started to introduce Southern Beech to help preserve the Rimu’s timeless elegance and retain availability for the future for our top range Rimu products.    Rimu - (pronounced Ree-Moo) a honey coloured high grain finish with high variants of colour so every item has an individual tone and look.All our Heritage Giftware products are made from solid New Zealand timber and Paua.

The Native New Zealand Paua fits beautifully with timber adding its iridescent shades of blue, grean and pink but retaining a very natural look.  Heritage also has a Mother of Pearl (white shell)  option which is very popular especially for the wedding design products.

Our collection of products includes –

Coasters, cheese/pate/platters/chopping boards and breakfast tray – for long lasting practical beauty in the kitchen. 

Albums/guest books and frames - to beautifully display you precious photography and important documents. 

Clocks and weather instruments – to display the always important time, temps & tides on your walls very elegantly. 

Jewellery boxes, key and business card holders keep your valuable assets organised and on hand when required. 

Heritage Rimu 21st Keys are very popular for that special day and milestone in your young person’s life.

There is something for everyone in this range of giftware and will go down a treat weather for a friend, relative overseas, an engagement, wedding, birthday, any other special occasion that arises, corporate gifts or just a special treat for yourself.

All products can be personalised on request with names, messages, dates, images or company logos ideal for promotional gifts or giving a truly personal touch to something for someone dear to you.

All products are sealed with a high quality natural combination of oils and with care instructions provided, if applicable, to prolong the life of your purchase.