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Ocean Shell has traded since 1992, processing over 200 tonnes of Paua Shell annually which is 70% to 80% of New Zealand's Paua harvest. Ocean Shell also supplies a range of other shells from the wider South Pacific region. Container quantities of White and Black Mother of Pearl, Trochus, Greensnail and Australian Abalone are either shipped into the Riverton factory for processing or directly to offshore customers. The raw shell is harvested and managed under strict fishing quotas. As our industry is based on by-products from the Seafood Meat Industry and farmed Mother of Pearl industries, we are committed to ecological sustainability in all our products and manufacturing.

Our Ocean Shell Product range includes easy to use shell laminates, tiles, tumbled shell, jewellery and jewellery components. All products capture the natural luminous irridescence and full- bodied lustre of the original seashells. Seashells are formed by beautiful, lustrous layers of hexagonal arogonite crystals of calcium carbonate being secreted by the Paua (Abalone) or Mother of Pearl oyster. Exquisite white and black pearls are formed by the same process, with layers of "nacre" deposited over an inserted shell nucleus.

The development of our unique Shell laminate as an "easy ready to use" product has been the catalyst opportunity for ourselves and clients to develop new products enabling them to grow their business with ease and quality. Shell Laminate is a 0.3mm veneer which is sliced from the shell to produce a sheet. Laminate is used on its own, several sheets combined together to create a composite, combination with acrylic, wood, or plastic to create subtle or eye-catching masterpieces.

Shell laminate teamed up with our computerized laser cutting machines, specialized design and cutting service provide many popular quality artworks from Mother of Pearl. Our staff have an indepth knowledge in this specialized product to assist customers with their design projects.

Unique, Creative and Proud

The ever increasing reputation of our quality and unique shell product range stretches throughout Australasia, Asia, Europe and the USA. We manufacture handmade products to clients specific size, colour and shell type on site. Shell products, including tiles and laminate bring a unique look to private and commercial buildings. The added value for crafters, woodworker, hobbies and professional people's products is a huge asset and one we can help with in many areas of knowledge, experience and expertise.
Ocean Shell Ltd has built up a reliable integrated network, managing the supply chain from sourcing the shell through to the finishing products. This allows efficient fast supply and quality control from start to finish. Coupled with experience and technical knowledge through our experienced, helpful staff allow our clients have an authentic New Zealand experience while creating their own unique masterpieces.